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IFH - Inspirators For Hospitality

Emotion. Inspiration. Creativity. For many industries, hospitality is the benchmark when creating special service or extraordinary customer experience. Enthusiasm among guests and customers that lasts over the experience is never a result of coincidence.

As inspirators for hospitality we accompany our partners on their way - in various questions from management practice in many different industries. The enthusiasm about lasting employee development, experience-oriented trainings, Mystery Shopping and quality management - that is what IFH stands for.

For more than 25 years IFH is operating on the European and international market. Worldwide around 150 employees are ranked among the team. A great network of freelancers is supporting our work in the areas of training, call center and Mystery Shops.

Since 2014 IFH belongs to the Dutch company Performance Solutions, the biggest European training- and consulting company in the field of hospitality.

The IFH service portfolio consists of:

  • Seminars
    Training, coaching sessions, Training by Design and diploma courses
  • Mystery Shopping - In Prove
    Hotel testing via phone calls and stays, quality benchmarking
  • FISH!
    Motivate your team
  • Emergenetics
    Identifiying and developing your individual preferences
  • iLearn
    Online Learning

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