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Quality Development Program

IFH®-Quality Performance Program combined with Self Check

Included in the service of the IFH® Quality Performance Program combined with Self Check are visits from professional, undercover hotel testers from IFH®, who check and analyse the service quality in all areas of your hotel. This package also allows the standards you have defined yourself to be looked at by a further, neutral person (and also by yourself).

In order for you to have a regular and continuous picture of how your standards are being put into action, you need more than a one-off, momentary check in the form of a hotel test. This is why the IFH® Quality Performance Program offers you the possibility to regularly assess your own standards both by making your own checks in certain areas and also providing external checks.

The two-year programme serves as a lasting evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of your hotel compared to expected quality and performance standards, as well as providing a comprehensive picture of the quality of your hotel "through the eyes of a guest".

You also gain access to a comprehensive benchmarking tool which allows you to compare your hotel with the industry-wide average with regard to service, facilities, functionality and security. The focus here is also on the sales behaviour of your employees during the stay.

Staff development is supported by:

  • Four (or two) hotel tests by IFH® in six standard areas
  • Four (or two) hotel tests in six standard areas by any tester, to be chosen by the hotel owner
  • Preparation and follow-up telephone conversations
  • Discussing and preparing the IFH® basic test criteria or criteria individualisation
  • Set-up, data loading, allowing access and granting authorization in IFH’s SmartShop®
  • Deciding upon the tester's type of stay (business or private)
  • Choice of hotel tester, date and type of stay
  • Extras which can be booked: additional departments, extra nights, individualisation of criteria sets, criteria workshops at the hotel
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