IFH®-Mystery Shopping

Mystery Calls, Industry Benchmarking,
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IFH®-Mystery Calls

Reservations and the events department (MICE) are the departments which can have a decisive effect on the sales of the whole hotel from the very first telephone conversation. Utilise IFH®-Mystery Calls as a continuous tool for the long-term development of employees working in taking reservations and selling events, in order to have a lasting effect on sales through increased professionalism.

Every hotel – including yours – has an individual brand promise which automatically encourages guests to have certain expectations during their stay. Your employees are fundamental here in credibly delivering your market promise. Their personal and professional appearance can influence that all-important first impression and customer satisfaction in general. The more assured and motivated your employees are and the quicker they identify with "their" hotel, the more likely this is to be a success.

The question is: to what extent do your employees carry out this market promise in their daily contact with guests?

This can be determined by IFH®-Mystery Calls, in a way that can be measured! Without pressure, in an objective, fair and understandable manner.

With us, you have an experienced development partner by your side. Read on the following pages what makes us and our products so special.