IFH®-Mystery Shopping

Mystery Calls, Industry Benchmarking,
Quality Development Program

IFH®-Onsite Mystery Checks

As a „mystery guest" we will act upon your commission as an anonymous guest of your hotel. Your hotel will be checked based on a set of criteria which has been agreed upon with you. We will then evaluate the test results, summarise them and prepare overview reports, with concrete recommendations and advice for how to act upon them.

IFH®-Mystery Checks accurately and comprehensively record the quality levels in all areas of your hotel which have direct contact with guests. Weaknesses in the current service quality are recorded and - this is the special feature - opportunities for positive changes and optimisation are presented.

As part of the one- or two-day tests, a set number of pre-defined criteria are checked. This allows all areas of your hotel to be checked and results to be displayed in individual reports and graphs.

The various programmes offer, among other things, assessments of the following areas: Bookings, public areas, reception, guest rooms, bar and restaurant, room service, spa centre, events and banquetting.

Use our „mystery checks" to actively control the quality and therefore also customer satisfaction and sales at your hotel.

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