IFH®-Mystery Shopping

Mystery Calls, Industry Benchmarking,
Quality Development Program

IFH®-Sales Performance Program

The aim of the IFH®-MICE Sales Performance Program and the IFH® Leisure Sales Performance Program is to boost the sales performance of your employees, to raise the average rate, and to improve the average rates of your own quality standards.

You will develop and train your staff with help of "real" enquiries, based on "real" customers – including the provision of staff for the fictitious companies or contact persons from the Mystery Shopping team.

You will receive detailed reports and an analysis of weaknesses as well as an accurate representation of a typical "sales flow".

IFH®-MICE Sales Performance Program
The whole process of the sale is included in the check: From the first telephone conversation or email enquiry to the first follow-up call to a customer, to the individually prepared written product offer and detailed arrangements (second follow-up) to completion of the contract.

IFH®-Leisure Sales Performance Program
From the first customer enquiry by email to the sending of corresponding offers and the follow-up call to the customers with questions and/or doubts, and up to the final securing of the booking.

Staff development is supported by:

  • A start-up workshop (at the hotel)
  • Drawing up a set of criteria
  • Written email enquiry (alternatively by telephone)
  • Recording of two follow-up calls
  • Assessment of the offer based of defined criteria
  • Evaluating the two follow-up calls (to the offers and enquiry)
  • Online eCoaching
  • Online reports
Further Product Information

All services and prices at a glance: The fact sheet for download.

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