Development of Mystery Shopping

The development of Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping is an American concept which has been in practice for decades as indication tool of customer satisfaction and competitive analysis.

Managers are interested in the experiences the customer makes with their company and what their opinions are concerning the provided service. As it is not possible for the managers to be their own customer, they engage a so called test buyer better known as “mystery shopper”. These mystery shoppers are usually very well informed and professional employees who know the industry and can thus make professional observations. The results are presented in a report that indicates the strengths and weaknesses of the company and the situations and products that need improvement.

The initial beginning for the mystery shopping department at IFH® was made in 1993 when Thomas Kraft and his team took on the challenge to offer seminars in Total Quality Management (TQM) for hotels. The thought behind this step was to make quality measurable in order to improve the competitiveness of hotels in their market segment.

The first steps in the area of mystery shopping at IFH® were taken by using a simple tape recorder and a telephone. Calls were recorded with the tape recorder and the tapes sent to the customer for verification.

What started out as a quality-assurance-tool for customers has developed into a recognised management and benchmarking service for the hospitality industry and other customer service industries.

Are you interested in improving the skills of your employees and in turn to develop the profit of your business as well as setting a standard of quality? Our Mystery Shopping Team will be happy to support you in your goals.



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