Emergenetics: Identifying and developing your individual preferences

Me, myself and I? But who am I?

Who you are today is a result of certain characteristics that have emerged from your life experiences, plus the genetics with which you were born. This interplay between nature and nurture is the foundation of Emergenetics®, a brain-based approach to personality profiling that gives you the keys you need to discover not only your own natural strengths and talents, but also those of others. You will discover your thinking style (Conceptual, Social, Analytical, or Structural) and your behavioral set points (your degree of Expressiveness, Assertiveness, and Flexibility). These insights will help you recognize how you approach new situations, how you get things done, how others see you, how to enhance relationships, and how to communicate with people who are not like you.

Applying Emergenetics to the workplace will enable you to make optimal career decisions, boost your creativity and performance, increase profits, make better decisions, assemble "brain trust" teams, write effective performance reviews, make presentations that appeal to everyone, sell to all kinds of customers, and motivate all kinds of employees.

Emergenetics offers invaluable insights instantly, and paves the way to personal growth, satisfaction and success.

The Profile

The Emergenetics Profil is a multifaceted tool for understanding human behavior and the unique differences in the way people approach work and life.  Emergenetics combines sophisticated left-brain/right-brain analysis with behavioral tendencies, resulting in a clear, defined perspective on personality unlike any other.  With Emergenetics, you get a color-coded, easy-to-understand window into ‘who’ a person truly is. And, with over 350,000 people in the database and the backing of The Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing, you know it’s a proven, accurate system to empower people to harness their optimal methods for thinking and action.

Meeting of the Minds - The workshop

The ‘Meeting of the Minds’ workshop reveals individual thinking and behavioral preferences through experiential and interactive learning. It’s a customizable, results-driven and engaging session, focused on communication and how to use Emergenetics for increasing self-awareness and building more effective teams.

The program facilitates increased understanding through personal knowledge of how thinking and behavior affect the work environment— including productivity, team effectiveness and creativity. Individuals learn to leverage their own strengths and develop awareness of what others bring to the table. Teams discover how to communicate and work more effectively by harnessing diverse perspectives. Companies around the world have used Meeting of the Minds to experience a multifaceted approach for building knowledge, fostering understanding and bolstering organizational capacity.

The Meeting of the Minds Workshop can be customized to emphasize specific themes relevant to your group, such as communication, personal and team effectiveness, collaboration, and leadership development.

Our next "Meeting of the Minds" workshop will take place on 20th of April in Frankfurt.


Understand yourself and others
Communicate more effectively
Understand others’ perception of you
Make better decisions
Value your gifts
Gain strategies to work more effectively



Leverage Emergenetics in your business with our training program

Emergenetics Certification maximizes the potential of any organization by giving individuals the knowledge, skills and tools to facilitate Emergenetics immediately and create lasting impact for clients, colleagues and teams alike.

When you become Emergenetics Certified, you gain the knowledge to integrate talent management with the needs of business. You also gain instant access to proprietary technology and a dedicated support system of Emergenetics experts and offices around the world. Your work will be collaborative, seamless and efficient.

The Emergenetics Certification Program is a 3.5-day train-the-trainer session designed to equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills to develop and implement mergenetics workshops and seminars. As a Certified Associate, you will gain access to a full slate of resources,

including the Power of WE and e-Learning platform. Enjoy the flexibility of using these ready-made tools or your own to implement Emergenetics in workshops to fit the needs of your business.


Emergenetics Certification Manual complete with exercises, ideas and detailed instructions
PowerPoint Presentation Slides ready for workshop delivery
Activity Resources that can be used immediately with your clients or in your organization
Management System to help you organize your groups’ profiles and reports
Marketing Materials to help you make the business case for Emergenetics
And more...


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