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Hotel Mystery Shopping

"Hospitality is all about the customer experience. We can help you develop the highest standards that will ensure your guests always come back for more."

– Susanne Hazenberg,
Managing Director IFH©

About IFH©

Founded in 1989 with headquarters in Frankfurt am Main, IFH® specialises in hotel mystery shopping solutions with branches across the world in London, Moscow, Belgrade, Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Mumbai and Washington D.C.

Our strength as a brand comes from the people who make IFH® – over 100 staff members worldwide, and a comprehensive worldwide network of expert trainers, coaches and assessors.


/ Our Training Courses

One of the most important specialist services provided by the IFH© Institute for Hospitality Management is our comprehensive hotel mystery shopping program. We know how important it is for our clients to identify the strengths and weaknesses of their service chain in order to provide the highest standards of customer care.

We use industry recognised quality criteria for our hotel mystery shopping package that includes the Mystery Call Program; the Mystery Check Program and the Mystery Sales Performance Program. These programs help us to view your hotel through the eyes of the customer to measure your employees' performance before making recommendations for focused training and development.

For over ten years IFH© has pioneered the creation and provision of cutting-edge hotel mystery shopping programs, utilising the latest web-based software and benchmarking programs.

Our hand-crafted training courses offer you
Bespoke Packages

Our mystery shopping visits are tailor-made to cater to your specific needs.

Impartial Assessments

We can make a detached and professional assessment of your customer service provision.

Industry Recognised Criteria

We use criteria approved and drawn up by the hospitality industry.

Online Solutions

Our services utilise the latest web-based software systems.

Global Availability

IFH© services are available in multiple languages through staff across the world.

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