Online Sentiment - A Reality You Can't Neglect!

What is Sentiment Analysis and Why You Need It

Google Reviews! Instagram Mentions! Facebook Tags! In our 21st century, technology-filled world, reviews and feedback are everything, especially for brands. Whether your brand is mentioned in a positive, negative or neutral context, every comment matters. But how can you look at all this data, in a meaningful manner, without sitting on every social media and review platform for hours? The answer lies in Sentiment Analysis.
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Sentiment Analysis In A Nutshell

In essence, Sentiment Analysis is a process that takes a piece of text (a comment, sentence, or even an entire document) and extracts subjective information in the source material. It then returns a “score” determining how positive, negative or neutral the expressed sentiment in the text is.

Typically, there is a list of key terms that customers use when writing comments or feedback, which help the Artificial Intelligence (AI) behind Sentiment Analysis determine in which category the text lies. For example, the comment “the service at the hotel was fantastic” would be classed as positive because fantastic was used.

Similarly “I am dissatisfied with your service” would be classed as negative because of the word dissatisfied. A neutral comment is one that consists of no positive or negative feedback or terms and is often just a statement such as “I stayed at this hotel for two nights”; there is no negative or positive association with this sentence.

Why Sentiment Analysis Is The Way To Go

With the growth of AI, Sentiment Analysis is becoming increasingly popular, but should you invest into this technology? The first and most obvious answer is YES  –  it saves time. Going through textual data on several platforms can be time-consuming and thus this task is often neglected.

With Sentiment Analysis, brands no longer face this issue. In fact, along with saving time it also adds value to your customer experience as you are able to monitor your social media efficiently, analyse survey responses, identify why your consumers are unhappy and understand sentiment trends, i.e. if there is a particular audience which shares similar sentiments towards your brand.

With this automated process, you can get an overview of how your customers feel in real-time. You won’t be looking at thousands of comments, but a concise, meaningful analysis, with a consistent criteria, allowing you to make faster and more accurate decisions.

How IFH Can Help You?

Conducting Sentiment Analysis without the support of an external source can prove to be challenging. At IFH, we keep ahead of the market and incoming trends. The brand new element of Get Ahead is our Sentiment Analysis program, where we take the data regarding your brand and convert it  into meaningful results.

Even with our basic packages, you get the opportunity to view your best and worst reviews, respond to them and get an overall analysis of your brand image online. With our more advanced packages, this analysis becomes more detailed and informative, guiding your brand and enhancing its quality. 

For more information, visit our Get Ahead Page.